Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll take a water...

I'm typing this from the hospital waiting room so forgive me if there are any typos (not that it isn't typical of me). It's been a good amount of years since I've stayed in  an actual hospital for over forty five minutes. Ten years to be exact, well, if we are getting technical, it would be ten years, one month and three days... I didn't used to mind hospitals but the last time I got the 'pleasure' of enjoying the cold room temperatures, white tiled hallways, and mismatched chairs in the waiting rooms was when mom was in one. It feels a little too close for comfort. There is zero amount of comfort. I look to my right and see a person who has claimed a corner, where he places chairs together, piles multiple blankets and has one flimsy hospital pillow. That site strikes me as familiar, I did the same things for days upon days. Then I glance to my left and overhear a family receiving news that their loved one has just suffered a stroke and is now bleeding severely  within his brain.. then I hear an older lady welping trying to figure out answers. My heart breaks for these people. Hospitals are such a sad place. 

Yet, hospitals are also a place for miracles. A miracle is what I'm praying for, and even maybe something some of you have been praying for as well. First, I must point out I am blessed to have such an amazing support sustem. Second, I'll let you in on my day today... 

It started out with work, for the first part of the day I was pretty excited to get off for my lunch break because I was anxious to finish the book I began last night. (HEAVEN IS FOR REAL) I had read all but 15 pages and I could hardly wait to see what happened next. I texted my sister who had mentioned the book to me saying that I was almost finished, she told me to call her as soon as i was done so that we could talk about it. After I finished I did just that. We discussed so many parts of the book and especially the parts we were both excited about. We finished off the conversation with the usual 'i love you call ya tomorrow!' 

Not three hours later I received a text msg from a good friend of mine saying that she was praying for my sister. Scared, concerned and confused I called this friend. That was about the same time I found out that my sister was being airlifted to a hospital in Plano, TX. If you know me, you know that my sister means the world to me, I've said on many occasions I don't think I'd make it if anything happened to her. This news had me a mess, I tried to calm my nerves, useless. I got my job duties done and then I was off. I cried a million times on the way to hospital, I even sped, I don't speed, I even made a deal with God, I said if I don't get a ticket I won't speed in the future unless it's an emergency matter. Ticketless, I made it to the emergency room in a little under three hours. 

The news was that my sister had some how managed to wreck the truck into a guardrail, run off a bridge and gotten thrown out of her  vehicle that had caught on fire. Baby Arnold is currently ok but mom has a few broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung, she is in her ccu room resting. She's extremely sore and the doctors want to monitor her and the baby closely. So as I sit here and I'm praying for a miracle, so far it's looking like they got pretty dang lucky. 

I will share this... The room is dark, freezing because my sister cannot sleep without a fan, I'm wrapped up in a couple of hospital blankets and i'm lost in thoughts. Chandra is continuously asking for water which she has repetitively been told no, but she's stubborn. The room got quiet, just me and her moans from the pain ever so often, she then whispers 'jeri Kaye, I love you' ... She melts my heart. I am SO lucky and so blessed to have her as an older sister, to me, right now she is my miracle. She got very lucky and I keep praying that things will continue to get better for her and baby. 

thank you for your prayers and please continue :) we can really feel the love today and we are so fortunate to have a wonderful support system! 

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