Friday, July 29, 2011

She get it from her mama

Well, today is Friday, and there has been some progress with my sister and the baby. She is still VERY sore and in a lot of pain. HOWEVER, she's alive, she's alert, and baby Arnold is a fighter. What can I say, the Ahtone's breed bad asses... I really should cut back on the cussing, it's a work in progress I assure you. Anyway, yesterday was a great day for Cha and the baby. Besides the pain and soreness, I feel like she made a lot of progress. We even heard that little kiddo's heartbeat which was a HUGE relief to me. It was at a 150... (which i hear is perfection) She got to drink water which was a plus. Guess we never realize how we take advantage of the small things. She then got to have popsicles (much more tasty than water). She ended up getting to some cottage cheese, pineapple, and chicken broth. She is SO positive (she get it from her mama) with that said, her physical therapist as well as her occupational therapist came in and had her do some pretty general exercises today, and asked her to work on them. She did great, however, it broke my heart when she was hurting because you could sure tell. I know it's good for her, but man I wanted to be like " dude, did you not hear her? she's in pain, leave her alone".. But I knew it was best and she is aiming for the best so she is working hard. She practiced on all of the exercises throughout the day. She had lots of visitors yesterday so she was really tired by the end of her visitation hours. She was struggling to keep her eyes open for Big Brother haha, which I don't really watch but apparently everyone else in the universe does. She still has her crazy Ahtone attitude and is making jokes too but it hurts her to laugh :( . I had to come back to work today but I HATE being away. I can't wait to just go back, I'll feel better about being around just to bother her :) But I know she will be taken care of by her WONDERFUL husband. He has been such a caring guy throughout this process, they are very lucky to have each other. She also has about 80 best friends (like really) so there are a bunch of friends, family and church members who are visiting. I'm just trying to keep telling myself she will be just fine without me there but well, you get it :)

I can't say it enough, I'm really blessed to have my sister and baby here and continuing to make progress. :)

Please continue the prayers, even if you don't pray, it wouldn't hurt to start! Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

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