Monday, August 29, 2011

Concerts, Birthdays & Saying Goodbye

... This weekend was very busy.
Friday night after I got off work, I rushed to get to Kattfest at the Zoo. My main goal was to be there to watch Puddle of Mudd play Gimme Shelter. I was literally in line to buy my ticket when it was playing. Still sounded good. They also did a Neil Young song, not gonna lie, I'll probably purchase their next album. Buckcherry played next, I'm convinced that man be crazy. He's all over the place, boobies were coming out when he played, apparently the ladies love him. (oh by the way NOT my tatas) He is an entertainer for sure. Then I think Papa Roach came on, W kept saying, "i have a whole new respect for them now..." I had the same respect that I came in with after hearing them I suppose. Hinder was the last act, I told W lets get out of there like NOW, because they just don't do it for me. All in all it was a fun night with good company.

Saturday, we all got up by 8 in order to head out by 8:30 to go say our goodbyes to Joe. I got volunteered to drive... I hate driving but W had work to get done and Travis had sleep to catch up on? ... ha. We made it into town when the yellow ribbons and flags were lining the streets. I'm so proud of Marshal County. I'm actually proud to say that's my hometown. It's nice to know that everyone comes together in times like this to show respect for our soldiers. The service was nice and very memorable.

Travis snoozin'

W workin'

Stubborn indian drivin'

We drove back to Norman that afternoon, Travis was tuckered out and W was still working. I was stuck driving again. Once we got back to town we kind of just chilled out on the couch and watched a movie. After hanging at the house, I got taken on a little date night. The original plan was to go to the mont, however, we didn't use our brains, seeing that it was a Saturday night, school just started, and, well, all of those things I just said. We opted to go to our second best choice, La Luna. We sat out on the porch and just enjoyed eachother's company. We are suckers for patios and cocktails. We met up with friends after and enjoyed the rest of our evening laughing with fun people.

The man behind the stingray wallet

Sunday was Tom's birthday celebration at W's Grandma's house. We got over there a little late because well, we always run late. So we had to sit at a separate table. :( Note to self: don't be late anymore to Mama's events. ;) We enjoyed W's family and while they all ate tacos, I ate chicken and veggies... that's right diet. No more fat summer...eek. Let me tell you how good I did, I even didn't eat cake and ice cream and even helped hand it out... go me! If you know me well, you know that's hardcore, because my most favorite thing in the entire world is cake with lots of icing! We made a target run last night and got some more healthy eats. W made crab legs, and we ate shrimp and crab and watched the VMA's! I love the VMA's... how cute was Beyonce? Gaga is somethin' else, but crazy talented. Love Britney. Chris Brown didn't impress me much, can't say if it's because he beats women or the fact that he lipsynced. Adele's voice is powerful, and I really like that they remembered my home girl Amy Winehouse. I used to listen to her all the time when I lived in Houston. I love Music.

Yum... nah

Mama & the birthday boy

Ginger enjoying her taco and mustache : {

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