Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quick Run Down

Hey guys, it's been a minute since my last post. Here's a short summary of whats been going on...

Chandra is doing a LOT better. She is still very sore, but in no time, she'll be up and good to go before we know it. She really has such a great group of friends. They all came down over the weekend to help out with meals, company to keep her in good spirits and to run any errands that needed to be ran. With that said, I do too, you guys know who you are :) My friends kept me sane when I was freaking out because of my sister's wreck. Thank goodness for best friends.

I got Kinz a bday gift that I'm excited about. I love baby stuff, anything miniature I love.

ummmm.... welp that sums it up!

Last night, I met up with Sammy Flamingo for dinner at Cheddars, does anyone else love that place as much as me? Good food for cheap prices. :)

Tonight, my plans are going to run some errands right after work, taking a small jog, eating sushi and possibly having a glass of red :)

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