Friday, August 5, 2011

Phone Dump

I decided I'd start dumping out some photos from the good ol'e camera memory... I'll try to keep it up once a week... (we'll see how that goes, y'all know me and my efforts to keep things up) Anyway, I take pictures all the time and send them sometimes and then sometimes I forget they are even on my phone and they are useless. Anyway, here we go...

 Notice the hottest state of them all... :(
So what does the a/c decide to do? Break :( This is what the house temp was and sadly we lost a baby dinosaur due to the heat infected house! Poor guy!

So I stayed at my house, I forgot how much I liked my girly room!

 Ventured to the casino, snapped a picture of this little old man digging in his fanny pack for cash for his beer at the bar.
We went on a bike ride to the park and then ran at the park

After that we fed the ducks

After that, I laid by an a/c vent because it felt good.

Went to Target and fell in love with this miniature leather chair, so cute!

Still in love with my new shades

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