Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've been told I'm slackin' on my bloggin'... which is true. I have just been so busy doing nothing exciting it's crazy. In short (or short to me at least) I've been working, cooking, and sleeping lately. I've been going back home quite a bit on my weekends and stayin' in on the weekdays. This week I've been very domesticated, I taught myself how to make mashed potatoes going off of others ingredients and just whippin' some up, survey says Yes they were good, so did the scale this morning. :) Last night I made a pizza caserrole dish, I had two boys to be the judges of that and they said it was good. I think when I have kids, I'm going to enjoy cooking! I like it now but it's like even if I split the recipe in 1/2 - because that's really the only math my brain apparently knows how to make the quantity smaller, we have left overs for days. Thank goodness W enjoys leftovers, cause I hate em. I skyped my sister earlier this week, that was fun, and I know it will be even funner (not a word, i know) for me to see her and baby Arnold when baby gets here, I'll probably be like ummm you can just sit the camera in front of baby so I can watch shim. :) I watched Blow again this week, I love that movie, except towards the end and then I turn it off. Work has been SUPER busy, there are no lunch breaks, which is ok, I just seem to be worn out by the end of the work day, I've been starting at 7:30 and leaving around 6, rackin' up the overtime ha. Today it's supposed to be 101 degrees, that's actually a blessing compared to the 108 yesterday, isn't it crazy how much a difference of 7 degrees makes?!? I did a load of laundry before I came to work today, weird. I also cleaned up the house, weird again. Maybe I'm bored, maybe I need a vacation, maybe that's my excuse for everything. Last weekend we went down to the lake, it was a good little group. KC & Chad even made their way down on Friday night and we all went to the garden. We made our way out on the lake around noon on Saturday with Kevo, Amanda, Mama dog, Alana, Bobby, Nancy, Court, Trav, and Dr. Phil's crew. It was a nice day on the lake, I don't think there were many times I actually got out of the water, not even to pee.... who does? I got pretty sunburnt, well sunburnt enough to look like Rudolph (you know the reindeer...dweeb). As if my nose doesn't already draw attention to my face. Butttt, Travvy & Anna came in on Saturday night, we played catch phrase (one of my favorite games) and then the group went out to the bg. Sunday we got up and went to see Chandra & Buzzard, we took them a casserole and then came back to Kingston to eat at Simple Simons, only my 3rd job in life. We left out on Sunday and the decorating to welcome Joe was being put up, makes me sad, and proud, makes me realize that we really do appreciate our guys overseas. Sad to know this is the 3rd person from Kingston that we've lost. :( He comes home today. Funeral is Saturday, we'll be going, just sad to know this part of life happens. I babysit Lukey tonight I know he will put me in a good mood. Tomorrow we are going to go to Katt Fest, should be fun, starts too early in my opinion, for a Friday anyway. But it will be a good time plus Paris is going and you guys know how I feel about that beauty! Toodles kids :)

Captain Nancy

My Babeuh

Pink Jeep Ride (with a boomer sooner horn thazzz right) - blurry, like our state of mind that evening.

Of course I take a pic of the local liquor store but hey flags were everywhere lining up the streets

Gave my brown feet a pedi this week, it's like Wednesday night pedi night every week

This bad boy is on it's way, had to get a different size so I changed it up, it's fur :)

They send me a confirmation email from ordering the helmet and wrote "ride safe"... that just sounds like a threat to me

Happy Thursday Friends :) Lil C I miss you come home soon :) so proud of you though!

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  1. haha, I'm glad you always give me a shoutouts. I miss you too, wish I could afford to come home, wahhh. I made decisions that I have to live with now. Probably make it home for the holidays I guess. Weird, I'll have been gone for almost a year by then. Still love your blog, I'll probably update mine soon. You know, I've had so much going on, but didn't want to share too much with the world. loves you!