Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank God

this isn't going to be the nicest post ever but in a way it's a thank you post to God.

With that said, I'm just really happy/fortunate that I'm not one of those people who you aren't sure if they are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. Today I saw this person, who I actually had a conversation with, and when they told me their name, that's when I got the confirmation of the sex of this person. Not only am I glad that I'm not a person that you can't tell what their sex is, but I'm glad that I'm not one of those people especially with my chosen name of Jeri... cause I mean that could go either way too. I figure a bunch of people would beat themselves up about trying to figure out that puzzle.

... so yeah, there's that story, and Thanks God!

 ummmm, what else? Tonight I'm going to FINALLY catch up with on of my frannns. It's a movie kind of night, and I can't wait... well I say that, but I can, I mean I have, we have been trying to pick out a night for weeks now, with a lot just coming up on both ends. Hopefully I won't fall asleep there, I'm pretty good at that lately, lying on the couch and waking up there in the morning, that pretty much hurts my neck the whole next day. For instance, today, my neck hurts, which makes me want to be back on the couch... weird how that works!

Also, have I told you that Friday I have taken off work, I'm heading down Thursday night to stay with my sister. Then Friday, I am taking her to see baby Arnold on a screen. I've been looking at sample ultrasounds all day, I'm trying to memorize what a girl looks like as opposed to a boy. (hopefully baby arnold won't come out looking like a woMAN or a Shim) The tie dye job that Jack and I did this weekend wouldn't be able to be worn because that could get confusing too... OH Chandra, that isn't going to happen. I'm pretty excited, I feel like I'm going to get all emotional because that whole baby inside a belly is an emotional type of thing.

Happy Tuesday Folks

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