Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Guy

Hi we are orange!

Last night I went and hung out with the Birthday guy. He and Coach Love went up to Hudson's and it was really fun. Of course it was karaoke night.

When I got there I laid the birthday questions down on him and his answers were perfect. One of my questions was "What was the best part of the last year of your life?"... his answer was simple yet it really just showed how much he loves his kids. He said " Hank getting back on track with his life". In short, the background of that story is that my nephew was heading down the wrong road, and it was all happening so quick and it was breaking a lot of hearts. But the cool part is that one day everything changed, he had a choice to make, it was to change his situation and he did. He got out of it. He doesn't hang around the same people anymore, he doesn't do what he did before, and he is the sweet nephew he has always been but now he is just really happy. He has a job now, he is finishing up school and he has his drivers license as well as a Ford Expedition. We are all so proud of Hank. Love that kid. To know that was the best thing in Sam's life that happened last year, just shows how selfless he is, it shows how much he cares and loves his kid. There were a lot of hard times during that time but now everything is back to where it needs to be.

On another note: Sam changed up his song of choice last night, there was no Elton John or Billy Joel. Instead he sang " Never been to Spain" by Three Dog Night. He did pretty good.... well for an amateur... Anyway, love you brother. Had a great time last night, and I hope you did too! Now, lets work on THIS years goals ;)

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