Friday, September 16, 2011

Come on 4 o'clock

1. You should always take time to count your blessings .

2. Live music, festivals and kids make(s) the world a happier place to be.

3. I can hardly wait for 4:00, leavin’ a little early today!! .

4. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

5. Something totally dumb and ridiculous that I love is smokey treats… cigarettes.

6. If I could, I would make it a rule that whoever cooks is NOT in charge of doing the dirty dishes .

7. I rather like my coffee on the daily .

1 comment:

  1. #6 should be a rule.
    But NOT when my husband cooks.. Seriously! He's an awesome cook, but when he's done, the kitchen looks like post-war scenario. You could easily find: 4 dirty pans, glasses, cups and 50 different kitchen utensils used to fry an egg.