Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feelin' lucky are we?

So this weekend, I went to the fair on Sunday night, and apparently I was feeling lucky. I entered to win a jacuzzi, a grill and I also entered to win a bed... how old am I? Those are all things that you have to at least be 22+ to enjoy. I mean you're not going to see some 16 year old register to win these things, where are they going to put it? Their room in their parents house? ... actually I could see my nephew attempting, little Jack is a wise guy.

Today I entered myself to win a Kate Spade necklace...

Isn't it cool? I've been on a jewelry kick lately, first I went to a stella & dot party with KC this weekend and now I'm entering to win necklaces... maybe I'm becoming more of a girly girl...  Anyway wish me luck!

If you want to enter, you can go to Amy's Blog and do so, although, I don't really want to lower my chances ;)

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