Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have issues...

I am a terrible packer. Yesterday morning, I threw every little item of clothing that I thought would cram best in my suitcase. I have no idea what I brought with me this weekend.
with packing :(
Every time I am going somewhere, I have such good intentions. I say I'm going to pack only the essentials. I intend to lay out on my bed everything the night before, I try to pick clothes that can all match a single pair of black shoes or, at most, two pairs of black shoes, one dressy and one casual. I usually grab a hoodie just in case the weather gets all crazy.
I always hope that  it would look like one of those magazine layouts where five clothing items can be combined to make 88 different outfits, ranging from workout attire to fancy and sophisticated.

But what happens for REAL is this: you can forget the whole night before action, because I like to use the "I'm going out of town for the weekend, so we need to get out for a cocktail with our friends here" excuse every time. Next morning right before I head to work I start piling things in my suitcase. Then I add more items until the suitcase barely zips up. Squish in a bajillion vneck tshirts. Before I walk out the door, grab my running shoes, with no idea how I am going to manage to fit them inside my luggage... oh did I note that I only bring carry on... I think it's dumb to pay to fly luggage so I refuuuuuuse. I'm that girl banging the luggage into the overhead compartment that everyone stares at and thinks to themselves "wow she must be cheap". I assure you I'm not cheap, I'd just rather pay for cocktails while flying using the money that you use to fly your over sized luggage.

Here are the items I forgot due to the excessive items I didn't really need:

Headphones... this is hell to me, I don't want to listen to your child crying because they are on their "first" flight ever, I'd much rather be listening to Single Ladies by Beyonce to prep myself for catching the bouquet while reading my cosmopolitan, not because I want to be married, but because I want fresh flowers to use as a centerpiece on the dinner table. What? Every girl loves flowers, I don't care what she tells you!

Deodorant... are you freakin' kidding me? who the hell does that? oh ME, that's who. So I guess now I'll round up yet another travel sized degree stick.

Phone Charger... hope it holds its juice.

Bra... a freakin' bra. are you shittin' me? thank Jesus for tape. Don't look at me with that face? A girl can do anything she puts her mind to!

I think that I have travelled a respectable amount and, by now, you'd think that I could pack one small carry-on bag. But nope. Better luck next time I guess!

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