Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Untitled Fun

It's been a nice weekend to say at the least! Between Lil C' making a last minute trip from Chicago to Log Cabins in the woods and a lunch date with my sweet papa. I'm just very fortunate to have fun people to be around. The weekend started with a big group of girls visiting the Chi-town girl and meeting at the mont for swirls. Boy were swirls drank, yum. After that, it was just a fun night with the girlfriends, I was pulling houdini moves a lot though. Then I got a little surprise trip to the mountains. We took the motorcycle on the first highway/road trip experience. Not gonna lie, it was an adventure, but my ass is so sore from the seat. I'm sad I missed out on K's 1st birthday and the moonbounce :) but I can't wait to give her the birthday gift. Here are a few pictures... ( i mean a bajillion pictures).

lots of palm trees...

Excited kids ready to hit the road

Our lil' log cabin with a hot tub on the front porch!

Rusty Nail Winery, home of my new favorite wine, bought two bottles the 1st day

Always on the phone..

Ready for our hike, I get excited about outdoor activities

Cave woman

He doesn't really dress for hiking, burning up and worn out... I did choose the 6 mile route, not his happiest moment ha.

His dinner...

Mine.... pfffff

Nerds... straight up


Peach bellini's... and I know how to make them :)

My goodies that I had to go back and purchase. YUM

Sad day when you have to go back to reality

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