Monday, October 17, 2011


(i'm slacking on the daily posting, but I've just been a little busy doing absolutely NOTHING over the weekend so here goes nothin')

- Cookie dough

- Water with a bajillion lemon slices

- Getting to spend time with Paris over the weekend

- Sleeping in (or all day) yesterday

- Running (i say it a lot, i know)

- Making W put on another halloween wig that I have for another costume and realizing he looks exactly like his dad

- Buying beer as a smurfette

- Grilling chicken YUM!

- Oatmeal reminding me of problem child... my mind wonders

- Stressing and then suddenly coming across a paper in my car with "Jeremiah 29:11" written on it, calmed down after that.

- My sister texting me that she made my pumpkin fluff recipe and enjoying it

- AMP energy drinks

- Carrot juice is pretty yummy too

- Planning a haunted house outing soon

- Explaining blue hands to a target associate

- Searching for flights to Ohio, I really need to see me some Johnna Perry, miss her VERY much, and getting excited about how much fun it will be.

- Starting something new today and being really happy and anxious about it, because it's new, and I like NEW!

- and this cute lil video

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