Thursday, October 20, 2011


- The instant smile that crossed my face plus an additional excited feeling within when I clicked the purchase button and got myself a date with Southwest Airlines (holy run on statement)

- The Runners World Website , all the information you'd ever want/need/have to know about running! I love the route finder section of the website.

- Meeting a lil chocolate puppy on my lunch break

Little guy thinking my feets are a jungle gym

annnnd Jeri Kaye falling for hims

 - wanting the itsy bitsy-est tiny-est tattoo outline of a buffalo and getting excited that one day I'll get it, not knowing when, or where, but I'm gonna. Papa chief will be proud of his girl!

- Thinking about how cool & convenient it would be to have heely shoes in my work environment. And the thought of that idea literally making me LOL while sitting at my desk by myself. If you know me, you understand my clumsiness. Just imagine how many times I would fall a day. Basically, I would be just like the following video, but on the daily!

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