Wednesday, October 26, 2011


- Chewing OU gum... gum of champions (p.s. not my only pack have like 2 10 more)

- Getting to snuggle a little longer with my little cocoon this morning, since he took today off

- Learning all baby necessities from my helpful friends who are already moms

- Getting excited about my gym session tonight...this NEVER happens, something about treadmills that don't appeal to me... could be the monster I'm sippin' on

- W letting me literally cry on his shoulder last night, because I had a "i just  miss my mom " moment, I was hiding in the bedroom acting busy, but he came in to see what I was doing (maybe he realizes that I like to stay busy when I'm bothered... he's onto me ha) and just hugged me while I burst into tears, it was sweet to see that he cared.

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