Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

What a fun weekend!

Friday, I met up with KC and we had chit chat time with eachother at Coachs. Our knights in shining armour came up and had a couple of beers with us before we all decided to meet up with Amanda & Kevo. After that W & I ended up heading over to Kevin & Amandas to play foosball. We played til the wee hours of the morning, and then ended up having a slumber party. We got up and had Jimmys Egg the next morning!

Saturday, after breakfast, we took a motorcycle ride out to see Sammy Flamingo at Sonic. His basketball team were having a fundraiser where they working. It was a bit of a cold ride out there so I decided to get some warm headgear for the ride home. Needless to say it was a fun ride home!

That evening, Court, Trav, Alana & Bobby, met up with us to go to my bosses annual Halloween party. I opted to not wear a "sexy" (skanky) costume, it's just not my personality. Remember when halloween was more about showing off the costume and not cleavage!?!? I found out I'm really not bad at doing makeup for scary costumes, so if you know any goblins or zombies out there needing a personal makeup artist, give em' my number. I did W's and Travs. Anyway, I took some pictures, I wasn't camera happy like usual :( but here are some of us playing dress up!

Jellyfish (my costume glowed, but you can't really tell in the pictures)

Excellent make up job on my part (honk honk)

My boss Jimi Hendrix

Freddy, Amy Winehouse, and Motorcyle Accident

Drop it like it's hot!!!

 Avatar, Allan, G.I. Joe

Midget costume!

Court was gothic, so funny since she is a blonde bombshell in real life lol!

Sunday, W talked me into a scary movie. We went to watch Paranormal Activity 3... let's just say I walked out with a left hand that had fallen asleep from holding W's so tight throughout the entire movie and begged W not to leave this morning while I was getting ready for work because I was scared something creepy was going to happen. I also prayed the entire I was getting ready, here's my prayer pretty much: Dear God, please let me just think happy thoughts, please just help me out here, I'm scared of ghosts... haha. But it did help!  Tonights agenda may have some more pumpkin carving and handing out candy :) Happy Halloween :)

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