Monday, October 17, 2011

Paris Weekend Love

This weekend was great! I got to get me some Paris time in! ... and I loved it! Friday I got home, ran, and then decided to make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. I needed to get a few extra things for the halloween party that I had committed myself to. I found everything except blue tights/hose/ leggings... what a pain that was! After getting home, I pretty much just hung out, but then Paris called me up and she came over. We headed out to the dub to watch all the payday spenders play slots, drink cocktails and dance their butts off. After about an hour and a half, we left, and I slept like a baby after catching up on my Jerseylicious in my comfy sweats.

Saturday, I got up with intentions to try an early run. I woke up at 7:23 a.m. I downed some carrot juice. I'm still not how I got sidetracked. All I really did was  go to another halloween store, eat lunch, and watch more tv. I don't think I was mentally ready to run. Big surprise?!? Not really, it's always never been my favorite to run in the mornings! After honyockin' around, I finally got up and went on my run. I'm glad I waited it. The temperature was just right and the scenery was great. I went to a place I used to run a bunch, but I got burnt out on quick. But it was nice to go back, they have the trail cleared out a lot better than they used to back in the day. Oh yeah, I convinced W to run with me, what a sport!

We sat and rested after the run

Everyone seemed to be taking picture at the running trails, so I opted to do the same

Could've just stopped here and been a member of the blue man group

But I didn't...

Pre white eyebrows... we're blue da ba do blue

Papa & his creepy white eye brows

Topgun & Smurfette

After my run, and getting showered up, I started getting ready for my first halloween party of the year. I didn't think ahead very thoroughly. I forgot to get gas before I headed to the party. I knew I'd have enough gas to make it to the party, but it was bound to happen, I was going to have to go inside to pay, I only had cash on me.... So I opted to go straight to the party, and then get gas on my way home... doomed! I ended up going to get a beer or 2 at the 7/11, that's fun, going in somewhere and having to show your id, knowing that it doesn't look like you. I still got the beer and gas along with more than enough laughs.

Sunday, I slept a lot. I had marshallow on a stick for breakfast and had cookie dough for dinner. Other than that, I watched the finale of Jerseylicious and got to bed early!

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