Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running Regimen

Lately my running way of life is all kinds of jacked up. Running on Mondays appears to be out of the question.. I get home and I enjoy cooking on Mondays. I like to catch up on any trashy tv there is out there. Tuesdays seem to be my "almost motivated enough" days, I get out of work and instead of just going home, I do something, whether it be run errands around town or piddle, I'm moving until at least 7:30 in the evening. I'm usually in bed by 8:45 (oh yeah, you heard that right) indulging in a book or beauty rest.

But then...

Wednesday mornings, I wake up in a good mood, it's almost annoying, you know the perma-smile I have on throughout the morning. I sip on my coffee, I get all things cleaned & organized around the office, and get things ready for the next week at work. Instead of relaxing on my lunch break, I clean up around the house or prepare dinner for the evening. After work, I get changed (sometimes I just change at work) into my running gear, and drive to a local park or trail and get my run on. Then Thursday & Friday are a repeat routine of Wednesday. I don't mind the routine and I am getting my 3 days a week of exercise in but I wish I was a little more motivated at the beginning of the week. Because lately it seems that it's harder to make the runs on the weekends, I still suck it up and do it but my thought process tells me it would be much more simple to just do the evening routine during the week nights. But on the weekend mornings it's like do I want to run or do I want to go shopping? I end up fitting in the running part but how much more nice would it be to just shop and not have to shower before I'm seen in public all runner'd looking out? But then I go back on those thoughts and I think to myself, the scenery on my weekend runs is generally so much better. Lakes, ducks, falling leaves, people waving, other runners ahead to push me, not being hungover because I stayed in so that I could enjoy my run, all these things just factor in and it reminds me of why I love to run.

I really plan to start taking more pictures of my runs and the scenery to share with you guys why I enjoy the outdoors so much, but of course, trying to juggle an iPod, phone camera as well as having an app keeping track of time, pace and mileage, it all just becomes complicated for a clumsy person like myself.

I guess we will see if the schedule changes up but if not I'll take it the way it is for now!

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