Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Happenins

Friday night, W & I met up for appetizers and drinks with Sean & Misty. The plan was to have a few sips on liquid courage before braving the ghost stories about OU campus. I had been reading ghost stories on the internet all day on Friday so by the time we met up with them by that evening, I was a little spooked out already. We made our way over to campus and listened to a guy who looked a lot like Harry Potter tell us all the facts. The tour was pretty neat, just learning the stories, however, it would have been cooler if we were able to walk through the halls of the buildings.

I'm sure you can learn more about the stories somewhere on the internet. But I'll give you a little run down of some of the stories. There was one story about a girl named Nancy who dated this boy (can't remember his name), one night after a night of arguing at the bar, they each went their separate ways, guy went to his frat house, well, drunk Nancy decided to go talk to guy. Drunk boyfriend had already passed out in his room with door locked, well, Nancy, is drunk and cwazy, pounds on boyfriend's bedroom door, "let me in this room"... drunk boyfriend is passed out smooth. Nancy keeps hollerin' but she gets nothin'. Finally, she gets in drunk CRAZIER mode and starts to make threats, we all know this girl, (meaning we've probably all came across a nut job like Nancy) she starts saying "if you don't answer the door, I'm going to jump out the window".... well long story short she does, and now she forever haunts the halls of that building. She jacks with dresser drawers and doors. She's a little wench. ;)

I think these two are SO cute!
Don't know if you can see Jimi Hendrix's face in this or not, but it's there!

- As the link above tells, there are obviously more stories, and I could go in detail on all of them, but this post would be SUPER long.

After that, we went back to Louie's and set on the patio and chit chatted about oh everything. Then we ended up meeting up with our friends Kevin, Amanda, Mike & Rachel. I did see Jackie & Sheryl and got to play ketchup with those two sweet girls too. I definitely enjoyed my chardonnay Friday night.

Saturday, we slept in. Once we did get up, we were hunnnnnngry indians. Since it was a pretty day, W suggested we go have a sonic date. We set outside on the picnic tables. He enjoyed his burger and I ate my pickle-o's. After indulging in good (yet fatty) food, we decided to go to the gym and work on our fitness. After that, we rode the motorcycle to go tailgate. As you probably know, it rained bad that night. That was a fun experience though. I realize now that my girlfriend is afraid of rain. ;) Something about melting... Anyway, we rualked (run/walked) back to the Rachel's house to watch the game and munch on tailgate food.

Gameday, this lady was legit!

Bet you can't guess which case is mine?!?!

Kevo & W keeping an eye out for Tech fans....

Sunday, we were pretty productive. We got all of our grocery shopping out of the way, then we cleaned W's house and I caught up on Bravo TV while W did some work on his computer. Other than buying a crockpot (which was the highlight of my Sunday, don't laugh Amanda) Sunday wasn't all that exciting!

It's been a while since we stocked up on groceries!

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