Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last night, I decided it was time to cook a good meal, and a little dessert! My cousin Shellie gave me her recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta, so I decided I'd give it a shot. Let me just say that I'll be using this recipe more often. It was so good! For dessert, I went with a pumpkin fluff with Graham crackers. Every time I eat Graham crackers it takes me back to daycare, seriously, seems like that was the only dessert they knew of. I know the pumpkin fluff looks like orange mashed potatoes but I promise it was so good and it looks like that because I was lacking patience because it was yummy! Between the bears game and Mike & Molly I was a happy camper!

1 Chicken Breast
Cajun Seasoning
Just season the Chicken breast to your liking
In the mean time, Boil your pasta noodles and heat your alfredo sauce
Once the chicken has cooked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
Let it cool off then slice it up
Once the noodles are ready, mix the alfredo sauce in and add seasoned chicken
Pumpkin Fluff
1 can of Pumpkin
1 box of Sugar-free vanilla pudding
1 (8 ounce) Container of Cool Whip
Mix together all the ingredients together and dip your graham cracker in :)

This morning, however, I'm gettin' all juiced up :)
What this yummy mixture contains is:
1 apple
1/2 banana
1/2 kiwi
1/3 mango
wheat grass

Not going to lie, if you can ignore the looks, it's pretty good! I also added a few ice cubes and blended it to make it more of a juicy smoothie :)

p.s. In other news... my jacket sleeve smells like pancake syrup...mmmm pancakes haha

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