Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Baby Baby

All I can think about is my baby nephew or niece lately.

I dream about this baby.

Will baby be a boy or a girl?

Will baby have brown skin like mama and blue eyes like daddy?

Will baby cry when it's my turn to hold baby?

Will baby be a chunk or will baby be tall and skinny?

Will baby have the Ahtone nose or will baby get lucky and get a different nose?

Will baby even be able to fit into the newborn sized diapees?

Will baby ever know how much I love him or her?

Dear baby nephew or niece,

I love you so much and you aren't even here yet. You are so blessed, never ever forget that. You have amazing parents. Your mom has an amazing heart. Your dad is going to be your best friend. Your uncles are hilarious. Your papa Sam has a hard shell on the outside, but I'm sure once you come into the world, you will melt his heart. Your aunt, that's me, is a crazy person. But she is going to spoil the crap out of you. You don't worry about that. When you get mad at your mom and dad about not giving you your way, you just give me a call and I will make it happen. It's what we aunt's do! I wish you were here now, but I know you are still growing in your mom's belly (which is still a weird thing to me). Not that you are weird, but that my sister's belly is your home and has been for the last 8 months, she'll probably start charging you rent soon if you don't hurry and get out into this world. God is keeping you in there for now, to make sure you come out healthy, with all fingers and toes, oh how I can't wait to tickle those little toes. I wonder about you all of the time. I can't wait to meet you. What a blessing you already are.

Hope to meet you soon,
Aunt Jeri Kaye

p.s. don't worry if you get the Ahtone nose, we all have it, and apparently it's the cool thing to have!

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  1. This letter is so sweet :) I can't wait for the day until I have a little nephew or niece!

    xo, Samantha