Monday, November 14, 2011

Chain of Events

Oh lord! Where do I begin?

In the past two weeks, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! (Thank  you Coach Taylor for teaching me that metaphor) There has been some practicing in baking going on in the kitchen. Lots of losses in foosball, one day... one day W!

There was a huge Kingston (beer garden type) group at Henry Hudsons on Friday the 4th. Along with some wildcats. Which by the way, not that I need to remind you Sammy, but the Madill people were a little outnumbered and probably wouldn't have had as much fun with out us Redskins.
Madill People < Kingston People...

We celebrated Trav's (W's little brother) birthday on the 5th & 6th. We went to Concho Casino and watched the Stone Temple Pilots play on Saturday night. They were SO good. I was actually a little impressed with their performance. Not because I thought they were going to suck ass, but because they were an hour late to their show and I just figured they were f'd up. (half empty thought I know) However, there was rumor they were just late because Scott Weiland (lead singer) is a huge fan of football so he had to finish up the OSU game! They sounded really good live.

On Sunday, we went to the Mont to have birthday drinks with Trav & Court. We ended up talking Kevo & Amanda into coming up too. That was a fun night. Not really the funnest Monday at work ever, but completely worth the laughs & good company.

The days in between then and now, were spent baking, shopping, experiencing earthquakes & tornado warnings etc.

One day I dressed like a 13 year skateboarder

One day I was under the weather

One day I bought the wrong size of wagon

But W put it together for me anyway.

One day I ate a pickle and drank all the juice for breakfast. So weird!
This was last week before I was finished shopping for baby.
I'm under the impression, that baby will be spoiled (a little bit)

On baby's shower day, I was a mess. Stress to the max. There is some type of added pressure to be the little sister trying to help out and plan something yet not really having a mom or grandma to ask questions to. And then the fact, it's a semi surprise to the person the shower is being thrown for, so you can't really ask questions a lot there either. Honestly, I knew very little about shower etiquette. I can't tell you how many shower questions I googled. I looked at the Martha Stewart Living website for inspiration. I went to Hobby Lobby for crafty ideas. And I asked many mom questions to my best girlfriends who are moms. I was in charge of the cake. I also had to make a super long drive. Can I tell you how scary of an idea & plan that was. A cake is like THE THING at the shower. And boy oh boy I felt the pressure. However, my man, is the shit. THE SHIT. (sidenote: sometimes) Seriously, I be crazy in this whole process, and he'd just bring me a glass of wine and help with whatever I needed. I also made cake balls, mini fruit pizzas and cheesecake filled strawberries. Needless to say, W & I gained a little lbs around the waste line. I'm getting so excited about baby coming into this world, I can hardly hold in my excitement! 

The Cute Shower Banner

The Cake turned out really cute but extra YUM!
Finally had time to wrap everything! - yes that is a customized "aunt jeri kaye loves me" onesie

All the guys nappin' because they were worn out!

The shower was perfect! Not gonna lie, probably the most fun I've had at a shower, was at this shower. Probably because I was throwing it with my sister's evil best friend from forever ;) and another really good friend of hers. I think we just all wanted it to go good and we each had a specific thing so it just worked so well. Didn't have much time to snap pictures! :(

After we loaded a gazillion gifts into Chandra & Buzz's ride, we were set to go back and help unload and figure out where everything would go in the room. That was fun! It was a little sister-sister time, where we just laughed and ooo'd and awwwe'd at cute clothes and itsy bitsy socks and diapees. I put together one thing, and discovered I'm really stubborn when it comes to directions or helpful people. I'd just much prefer doing it myself so I can feel like I accomplished something in my life. ( because clearly assembling a safari bouncer fulfills that sense of accomplishment)

Yesterday was r&r for this girl. I got home cleaned up the messy kitchen, vacuumed and swept. Travis' also had his 3rd bday celebration was going on at W's mama's house. But then spent quality couch & remote time. I watched two movies. Moulin Rouge and Slumdog Millionaire. Both were really good! One more predictable than the other though!

Anyway, weekend was perfect! Shower was fun! Life is GOOD!

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