Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

So last week I got this "wonderful" idea to do a Turkey Trot run. W & I have been trying to get back into shape to win the most amazing bodies on Lake Texoma in year 2012... (only kidding) Basically we just let ourselves get comfy with putting on a few pounds and damn he looks good with a lil tummy even. jerk?!?! But anyway, so I begged, begged and begged a bit more for him to do a turkey trot with me this year. I mean we are trying to get in shape right? And I knew we I would devour the turkey and desserts later on in the day. With no surprise, W replied with a big fat NO. And that made me pissed off like a crazy selfish sad little indian. Sometimes I just want so bad for someone to like running as much as I do. (and believe me, I realize there are some out there, just they don't seem to be my friends haha) I know it seems insane for me to want to get up on a perfectly sleep in-able morning when you have the day off, the day off to be thankful for the day off, the day to be thankful for the fact that you can indulge in grandma cookin' and the day off to be thankful about any and every thing. But I chose to be thankful for my legs and how they allow me to run races on Thanksgiving.

I also decided to make a turkey tshirt to sport on raceday.

It was cold.

My time was terrible and I looked as though I had just finished a marathon when I got the finish line. (remember the part about letting myself gain lbs)...

But before I let myself talk me out of not doing the race, I just clicked register and before I knew it I was running like a cold turkey on Thanksgiving morning!

Happy Thanksgiving, be thankful and eat lots of pumpkin pie, I know I'm gonna :)

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