Thursday, November 10, 2011

habits revealed

sipping on the same cup of coffee throughout the day, most people think this is disgusting, but turns out i enjoy hot & cold coffee so it works for me

biting my fingernails, good thing the whole "all natural" nails came back, because i was not down on sporting acrylic nails

taking a photo of myself EVERY time i try something on and sending it to one of the following people: Lil C, Paris or my sister, I need their confirmation on this type of stuff

never being able to drink an entire soda, i don't drink it often, so once I decide i really need  one, i only take a few sips and toss it because it actually hurts my throat because it's too sweet

sitting on the floor, it's weird because my mom used to do it ALL the time and I would make fun of her, but now that i'm older I like to sit on the floor, while eating, watching tv, hanging out with friends, etc.

brushing my teeth in the shower, my old roommate used to do this, but she really is the only other person I know that does this

and lately, my habit has been BEGGING W to play me in foosball. Unfortunately I lose :( but I HATE losing so bad that I actually have cried out of anger. It's not like he skunks me, I lose by only 1 point, and those losses are the WORST!

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  1. I brush my teeth in the shower! Another friend told me about it. lol, saves time!