Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I know I did. And I only ate thanksgiving meal once. weird, I usually eat like 3 times on Thanksgiving.

After my Thanksgiving meal, we went over to W's house to relax (and play foosball). Bobby & Alana came over and played us, they are pretty good. Paula made her way over shortly. We set and debated for hours if we were going to shop at midnight or not. We didn't end up doing so though. We decided to call it a night.

But morning came early on Black Friday. We got up around 7 and headed to Starbucks. We ended up going to Penn Square. My nephews and niece are in the name brand stage so it's relevant that I find their name brand stuff on sale. W helped me out when we got to Hollister, he's so hip for a 27 year old. (haha)

We went by the Coach store, man oh man Coach bags are fancy! We also went to the gadgets store, I like gadget stores around Christmas time, they are fun! I spent a bunch of time roaming the boot selection of different stores, however, didn't get any boots. I had a blow out in my boots a couple of weekends ago so now I'm stuck without a good pair of brown tall boots. So help me out in picking which boot to go with. I couldn't decide on my own.

Ok the one on the right are my old boots which I obvs loved, but I like the buckle on the left boot

These are pretty simple, but I like simple

These are bucklicious.. cute but I don't know if the 800 buckles are too much, W liked these best

Oh but good news, after many weeks of looking and also having friends look, I found a leopard print scarf :)

Paris also sent me a text msg saying she found me one online, but located in Hong Kong, no wonder I couldn't find one anywhere, they aren't even in America!!!! :)

Let me remind you about the most special part of my week. Tomorrow morning I'll be in a hospital room waiting on my neice or nephew to make an appearance! I can hardly wait! What an exciting day tomorrow will be! I'm going to experience first hand the giving birth process, I'm nervous & anxious all at the same time. What a special experience! Please keep my sister & baby in your prayers, we are praying for a healthy baby and easy labor process! Yay for little ones... p.s. I still think it will be a little boy, we'll see :)

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