Monday, November 21, 2011

What a weekend...

W and I decided it would be a good weekend to go back home. Lately, I can't get enough "back home" time. Doctor ordered my sister to bed rest. Doctor also said it's time to deliver the baby. So within the next 2 weeks I will have a sweet little baby in my arms. 

Friday night we headed down after I went to the gym for a quick run. Fridays are my absolute favorite day to go to the gym in the evenings. I think a bunch of people don't like to workout on a Friday, not that I do... but I do like a less crowded gym when I do. Once we got into to town, we met up with Adam, Bryan, Gabe and John. Once Trav & Court got into the creek, we headed to the garden. We were pretty much the only ones out there. Of course since I've been on a foosball kick, we went back to Al's to play and listen to tunes.

Waiting on the lil runts Court & Trav

Countin' coin to put in the jukebox

best friend.

LOVE her hat

Saturday morning, we were awake by ten and ready to head to Chandra's house. We got their house baby ready. We did lots of deep cleaning. W & Buzz put a door on baby's room and paneling up in the bathroom. I like their home, it's cute. After hours of house work, we made our way to Betty's house to get grub. Bryan was cooking burgers. Waylon, Amanda, Maddie & Bryan and everyone else in Enos were at the house. I love the country, every time I go back, makes me reminisce about the old days. It also reminds me that we are all getting old too :) We got back to the creek, and ended up cuddling up so we could get some shut eye.

Sunday morning, I woke up to the Chaos kitty cat then we got up and went to have breakfast at Country Kitchen. Mmmmm so yum. We got back to W's moms house and got started on her yard. I think W was impressed by the fact that I actually knew how to work in the yard. He clearly doesn't realize that I used to be Robert King's slave back in the day. ha. I raked, shoveled, swept and started burning leaves and sticks. I think he didn't think I knew how to start a fire. What in the world? He underestimates me sometimes. I don't love yardwork, but I do understand the concept of it.  We got done around five and we headed to Simple Simon's to shut up our taste buds. As we were almost back to Norman I was riding along typing this blog and I hear a big bang. I thought it was a huge rock, but then, we started shakin' on the road. We had a blow out :( it was also raining. What a bummer. After changing the tire, we drove the rest of the way home in the chilly sprinkling rainy weather, thawing out with the truck heater and smelling like campfire babies. Needless to say, once I got home I made a bubble bath and got in the comfy bed and got my sleep on.

Now I'm just ready for a short work week and maybe I'll make a couple of things to eat on Thanksgiving. I think we are going to try and find some live music around mid week. Have a good week friends!

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