Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aunt Paparazzi

This weekend was amazing. I'm so exhausted, happy, fufilled, complete, thankful, blessed, emotional and in love... and I'm not even Brentli's mom. ha. My niece is so great. Makes me want to live closer. I love her so much. Her parents are so good with her. My sister is so patient and I am just so amazed by her mom skills. I don't know how moms do it. Seeing everything so up close and being in the know of how motherhood works makes me realize how much time & effort is needed to have a healthy and happy little one. I say to all moms who do what my sister is doing, kudos to you.

But mama couldn't do it without Daddy. And what a good daddy Brent is. Brentli is truly blessed with some amazing parents. She loves when her daddy holds her.

I cannot express enough how blessed and amazing this entire experience has been and Baby B is only six days old. It's only the beginning and it just warms my heart. I'm just so in love with her & her parents. And her crazy aunt Jill is pretty great too. And all the others aunts.

We have a little thumb sucker on our hands. It was inevitable though, her mom sucked her thumb until the 5th grade. YES 5th grade. Hilarious. But I can't hate, I sucked mine until the 3rd grade. Maybe Brentli will stop at 1st?!?!

Anyway, she's perfect. Here are a few photos.

Playing Dress up! Isn't she fabulous?

umm... look how sweet my brother in law & sister are... (sorry to text creep cha, but adorable)

Sooner born & Sooner bred

Hanging out with her boyfriend Landon

Hudson brought the dr. pepper for the baby party 
Starting the sun tanning early ;)

Tired Aunt & Brentli

We attempted to do our first funny picture, and then I accidentally licked her head, oopsy!

You just sit there and be cute, and I'll smile :)

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