Thursday, December 29, 2011

Celebrating Christmas 2011

Sorry I haven't updated everyone on whats been going on in Jeri Kaye land lately. I've been super busy with Christmas and end of the year paperwork at the job place. I had such a good Christmas! I hope everyone else did as well.

After work on Friday, I headed over to my bosses house for his Christmas party. That was super fun! There was lots of yummy food, games and gifts. I was in good company and I made some new friends. I won a really pretty scarf playing dirty Santa, which I am wearing today :) After the party, I went home and went straight to bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 8. I find with age, it's harder and harder to sleep in. Now I know what grandparents wake up at the crack of dawn, because they are ollllld. Oh well, I like being up early, feels like I don't waste my day away with sleep. I did a little last minute shopping around Norman. I baked a cookie/brownie dessert before I headed south, which turned out good in the middle but bad on the edges. I loaded up my car with gifts around 3 in the afternoon and headed home. Once I was in Madill, I stopped by dad's house and he had me cooking up a storm. We made it to Wal Mart (lucky?) before they closed and we were runnin' around like chickens with our heads cut off. If we weren't so  blind/dumb, we would've seen that every item we went into Wally world for was actually in the middle walkway. Yet we ran around to many different aisles like dummies. After we paid up, we got home and started baking. I had a lot of fun. Just me and my dad. He taught me how to make peanut brittle in ten minutes. I also think it's funny that he uses shot glasses as measuring cups.

Christmas morning was filled with snuggling with Chaos. I went over to W's for his family Christmas celebration. There were a ton of gifts! We started out with the big gifts that were unwrappable, or that we were too lazy to wrap ha. Therefore, guess who got to go first? ME!!!! I uncovered the big box and found that I got an 18 Bottle, touch screen Wine fridge. Go me! I was super happy. I also got wine gadgets, which are fun! We opened our gifts one by one, which made for a long gift opening party, hours even. It was really fun watching everyone open their gifts and getting surprised. Before long, I was off to my house to see the Ahtone family. Dad didn't have a tree :( or any Christmas lights up, scrooge. But once we were all there we ate food and watched the kids open gifts. I love giving gifts but it does make me sad to see that some of my nephews aren't as appreciative as they should be. I can only hope that one day that they will come back to real life and realize that things aren't that  bad. It breaks my heart to see a teenager who cannot understand the concept of being thankful. Like I said, one of these days... All in all, I feel very fortunate & lucky to have had such a good Christmas day. My day was filled with friends, family, food & un-needed but much appreciated gifts. I still have a couple of little guys I need to deliver Christmas gifts to. I always find myself getting emotional around the holidays because I miss my mom and things are just not like they used to be. But also I cry happy tears because there are so many other people out in this world who don't have what I have. And that is good company, smiles, a warm home to eat a good Christmas dinner in and a little pocket change to surprise others with gifts. I feel so lucky to have those things. 

This was an idea I got from pinterest & made as a gift!

Miss Johnna surprised me by shipping me a gift, love her, and HAVE to go see her SOON!

(typical Christmas couple pic)

Brother went to the Thunder game on Christmas night dressed as Santa :)

After we left dad's house, Jack & I drove W home. W was leaving to go on a snowboarding trip the next morning. We said our bye byes and Jack & I headed to my sister's house. That night I slept with baby Brentli until 3:30 in the morning.

Monday, I was fortunate to have the day off to spend another day back home. I pretty much just hung out with my sister & her family the entire day. We ordered pizza & just hung out. I didn't want to leave my niece, so I ended up leaving Monday night later than I had thought I would leave. I can't help it, I just get in the Brentli zone and holding her makes my whole world feel worry free & perfect.

Me: Brentli, lets do a funny pic
B: ok, look to the right

Her onesie says it all :)

This week has been pretty good so far! I've been so busy yet relaxed at the same time. Work is busy, but in the evenings I've just been working on small projects at the house. So while W is blowing me kisses from ski lifts I work... ya jerk ;)

I'm really excited about the New Year! 2012 is going to be a good year, I just have this feeling. :)

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