Monday, December 12, 2011

Love this time of the year

... I feel like I keep saying that I love this time of the year, but the thing is I REALLY do. I love the chilly weather, lets not get that confused with freezing cold weather. Chilly I can do. I love all the Christmas lights, holiday music, holiday movies & holiday parties.

Speaking of parties. Man, was my weekend filled with celebrating. Friday night after work, I hopped into the g6 and headed down to see my niece. I missed her all week so that was my first to do on my weekend list. I got snuggle time Friday night and Saturday morning.

Love these little hands

Saturday was crazy busy. But I loved it. First I headed to Durant to celebrate Alana graduating from South Eastern. She looked so pretty and I was very proud of her. Anyone who graduates I'm very proud of. School was hard for me so anyone that sticks with it, I believe it to be such an accomplishment. Luckily for me, I have a wonderful job that pays well and keeps me loving what I do. Not everyone gets that if they don't graduate from College. - Back to my story -

My new favorite color to wear :)

except when I you look like a blueberry, oh well, i love blueberries ;)

After the graduation, I headed back to cuddle with Brentli. I got lucky, I also got to see my niece Sadie and nephew Wesley.

Once I got back into Norman, it was go time. I rushed to get dressed to head with Paris to her annual work Chrismas party. Love going to it with her. After an hour of getting lost and almost rammed into by another truck we made it with ornaments to exchange in hand. Her work family is so much fun. It reminds me of the guys I work with... only older. A couple of glasses of wine and one sweet ipod ornament later, we were off to celebrate Misty's 30th birthday. God I love that girl. She looked amazing as always. Sean left to go pick up Carter and a few of the other people left, and then it was just a group of us girls. We had more cocktails and talked about kids, life & boys some. After tabbing out at Louies West side, I jumped in the car with Meredith & Misty, and we headed to the corner. We made an appearance at O'Connells & Logans. It was getting late, I was getting a little tired, but then I ran into Amanda & Christa. And I decided I would hang out with them a while longer. We all went to Amanda & Kevin's house. It was fun. I don't know if you have heard of whipped lightning or not, but apparently its the newest hit because there were two cans of that going around. It was awful. I ended up staying the night and then we went to lunch yesterday afternoon at Jimmy's Egg. I love that place. Yum!

holiday cocktails

Typical Jeri Kaye/ Paris combo. love this girl

Have you ever seen 30 look this good?

Misty & I were the only ones who got the memo we were doing funny!

The guys, it was Cody's birthday too. ( I've never seen so many made up handshakes in my life)

Last night I was just in the mood to go see a movie. I never go to the movies anymore.. So I just went. It's funny to see how people look at you with sadness in their eyes when you are only buying a movie ticket for one. It probably didn't help when I was walking around with chef boyardee ravoli sauce on my shirt in two separate places. ( didn't notice that until I got home last night wow haha). I chose to see the New Year's Eve Movie which was basically like the Valentine's Day Movie. It was cheesy cute. Made me really think about what things I want when the New Year comes. I think there are some changes that are going to happen, and definitely starting some things new. Oh and it also made me want to go kiss someone at Times Square.

these are tasty

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