Monday, January 30, 2012

Amazing Weekend

Friday night, W & I went to the gym around 7 pm. After the gym, we stopped by Dandads (W's grandpa) house and picked up a couple of guns and visited. Before too long we had to be at the train station to pick up my sister & Brentli. They took the train from Ardmore to Norman. They said that the train ride was fun and Brentli did really good on it. She's just a good baby. We made a Walmart run to pick up some fresh avocado to make some guacamole. My sister makes the best guacamole, so yummmm. Alana & Bobby came to the house to meet Brentli and they fell in love... most people do ;). We stayed up late that night.

eek... too many guns in my bubble

yes, it's a real gun, so little!

Saturday morning, I woke up around 6:30 and went to go hang out with my neice. She is such a morning person, she was just grinning and cooing all over the place. Finally Chandra & W got up and around and we met the flamingo (brother Sammy) at the Waffle House for breakfast. W went and shot his guns with my two bosses. Chandra, Brentli & I made a Target run. B got some new sunnys and I found some new dark brown boots, you know I just had to have them. Buzz made his way to Norman and we all got ready to go to Hank's graduation party. We are all so proud of Hanky and how he's changed his life around. Jack hung out with us the entire time. The cake was yummy, I had chocolate & vanilla, mmmm. After we got back home, everyone was hungry for real food so I cooked dinner for all of us. I really like to cook. Wills helped me out in the kitchen with dishes, sweet man.  Sadly, after dinner, they family had to leave us and head back for Kingston. W & I just stayed in and watched Cajun Pawn Stars and then I read The Help. I've restarted it, I had only read a few chapters in the past so I'm 1/2 way finished now, and it's getting really  good. When there are movies based off books, I tell myself that I can't watch the movie until I read the book, how's that for motivation? I just got to a really good part of the book that I had been curious about lately as I have been turning the pages. I plan to be finished after tonight, and then watch the movie some time this week. CANNOT WAIT!(nerd alert!)

Brentli likes big shades like Nicole Richie ;)

New boots... bad picture trying to show new boots :(

Hanky and me, love him!

Little happy Brentli Bear

Sunday morning, we slept in a little bit, well at least until 9. I woke up and read until 11 when W woke up. Not gonna lie, I'm a slow reader, but I love reading. Once we got up, boyfriend took me to eat at Pei Wei and we weren't ready to just go back home. It was a pretty day, a little windy, but beautiful out. We decided to go to Old Paris Flea Market. We like to go and look at all the stuff and people watch. I didn't come out with any treasures, but Will found a pretty cool model motorcycle. We headed back to Norman for Dylan's 1st birthday party. Dylan is my bosses grand daughter, she is a cutie! The party was circus themed and it was so darn cute.

Biker dude and dog dude

I decided to get creative with my wrapping :)

Dylan 1 water bottles :)

The decorations were so cute, this picture doesn't do much justice

They had a photo booth set up... unfortunately, W is terrible about doing the 1-2-3 Cheese number :(
Picture with Birthday girl Dylan & Kayla

I've really enjoyed this no winter lately and I feel like us oklahomans are being spoiled by mother nature. Today was the perfect day to read my book on the porch on my lunch break... so I did just that. What books are you reading? Here are few on my to-read  list:

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