Sunday, January 22, 2012

Checking In

Hey guys, just thought I'd check in and let you guys know what I've been up to lately. Mostly, I've been laying low with my guy. We have been cooking a lot of yummy dinner, doing a bunch of house projects and watching movies. I have been getting on pinterest before I go to bed at night, and then the next day, I'm all about getting supplies to do my next do it yourself project.

I've been trying to get W's extra room a little more company-friendly. I had been keeping my eyes open at different department stores for simple and affordable ideas. I just thought, "when I go visit someone, I'd much prefer sleeping on a bed then a couch".. so I moved an extra bed I had over to W's house. I found a cheap crisp white quilt at TJ Maxx. It was  a king size, which the bed isn't a king it's a queen, but I figure it will be used in the future when I get me a king size bed, still hoping for a california king though ;). I google'd cheap do it yourself headboards and got different ideas of what could be used as a headboard since I didn't have one for the bed.

I really wanted to do the whole paint an old door idea but really didn't come across any old doors.

Then I wanted to do the wooden pallet headboard and had planned on getting some wood when I went down to see my sister and Buzz, they had some extra wood lying around. Buttttt then I got impatient and the next time I'd be seeing them, they were coming to stay at W's house. So, then I really tried to figure out what I was going to do with the extra room.

I preferred to do something with stuff I already had, but let's be honest, I didn't have any oversized wall art or cool things that would work. So I saw on my google search another idea.  Taking one of those wire thingys and making a headboard from that. So another shopping trip at TJ Maxx and I found a wire thing for $25, holla!

I had been also eyeing another do it yourself chevron rug project I saw somewhere on the world wide web for a couple of weeks. Then I found a rug at Big Lots for $19 and I just bought it and tried my hand at my own chevron rug. So here is the room that I have created for anyone who comes and stays the night at W's place. I actually wanted to sleep in it the night it was all finished but I didn't. Hopefully Brentli, Buzz & Chandra will like it. I probably spent under $150 to make the room a little more company friendly. I also have more storage for my clothes so I'm not stuffing them all in ONE drawer when I stay over at W's.

Other than little room projects and polishing not just one but two lemon cakes in the past 2 weeks, W & I have decided we are about to get back on the gym rat train. He's going to hit the weights like crazy, and I'm about to start upping the cardio. I've been doing a lot of classes at the gym that I really enjoy and are pretty hard, but it's time to start getting in better running shape. I'm excited about running more, basically because I love it, and I've given my body enough of a break from it. He said he wanted to start eating healthier with me too. I've been eating only white meats for the past oh 14 years now, I'm all about him eating healthier too. I mean, maybe I'll sneak him a steak every once in a while, but hope he isn't planning on me incorporating steak into my diet, ha. Ahh, that sounded mean, but really my guy is like a garbage disposal, he's not picky about what he eats. But we are going to turn him into a healthy eating garbage disposal. In fact, I've already pretty much prepared most of this weeks meals and um it's Sunday... crazy!

Next weekend, my sister & Brentli are getting on a train and heading to Norman. I'm so excited, I've really been missing my neice. And W & I cannot wait to see her, and Buzz & Chandra too. My nephew Hank is also having his graduation party next Saturday, so proud of him and excited to see both of my nephews as well. Then I have a birthday party to go to Sunday, I'm really looking forward to it, it's supposed to be circus themed so there will be games, face painting and cake, yum!

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