Monday, January 16, 2012

Curve Balls...

Oh life. You are good at throwing curve balls sometimes when I'm least likely to expect them aren't you? This weekend was one of the most miserable weekends in a long time. Yet, I'm thankful. Thankful for being able to wake up in the morning, thankful for understanding friends, thankful for Paris and Kinzi and how going to dinner with them just to get out of the house helped my attitude enormously. Thankful for a job that I can work at that I love and that I looked forward to coming to this morning. I'm thankful for unconditional love.

This weekend was very trying on the Jeri Kaye positive train  that I've been living on... yet I realize things could be worse. Things can always be worse. Next weekend I had planned on paying a visit to see Lil C, however, last night I had to call and let her & La know that this was not going to be able to happen. It wasn't the funnest conversation(s) I've had. But the great part is that I have friends who understand that things happen.

This week my goal is to stay positive. Curve balls are just a part of life, and I just feel like it's really how you react to what is thrown your way. Where as some people probably prefer to get down on theirselves in certain situations, I'm going to try to move on so that I can continue to appreciate and count my blessings.

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