Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend By Photos

Date night with the sweet boyfriend at Charleston's, enjoying a perfect margarita!

The coolest kid I "big kid" sit had his birthday party on Saturday, so W & I attended :)

Jax watching the excitement from outside, cute pup

The birthday boy with all of his presents, just as happy as can be.

a very worn out Jax from all of the birthday party festivities

Luke debuting his new ninja suit that he got for his birthday

Date night on W, he took me ice skating, I had only been once..

Devon ice skating

Scary shoes

the Pro

the amateur... he pulled me around the rink, that part was fun, until we fell :(

H&H Gun Range, another first for me, shot my first gun!

He's good at shooting, kind of scary.

I mean... ouch... hey we're first timers ;)

My boss & his wife went with us, we had a lot of fun!


... After shooting, I took W to get his belly full at his favorite place, Red Lobster. I got a gift card to that place and it's not my favorite but it's his, so I decided to be nice... weird. Then we went to the Thunder game last night, thanks to my pops! We enjoyed watching the spurs go down! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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