Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 things I shouldn't say but I'm gonna

* i think blonde girls are generally prettier too, but i think natural blonde is the prettiest!

* i cannot believe my ex boyfriend dates a chick who is 10+ years older than him, the only reason i feel it's ok to say this on the world wide web is because i've said it to him personally already. i don't think it's bad, i just think it's weird. my ex is a close friend of mine, i've only known him for fifteen years so i pretty much can say whatever i want, whenever i want, he knows this.  deal with it!

* to the girl i went to high school with, you know who you are, my name seems to resurface in your mouth. i.e. "jeri kaye is just a hater, she doesn't like me for any reason at all"... FALSE-O. I've told you (personally) before that i don't have a problem with you and honestly i don't, but i'm not going to go out of my way to befriend you 10 years after we graduated. i do think you were really heartless in high school, especially after my mom died and you decided to make fun of me for being bulimic and call me every name in the book because well, who knows why? i think you were upset i was friends with your boyfriend, who knows? if only you had understood how much i could've used a friend at that time. you haven't lost your mother yet, and i think if you had by now, you might swallow your pity party and stop letting my name come up so often. i understand people change and so i don't hold your brat high school self against you, i kept my mouth shut and moved on then, i had bigger things going on in my life, as i do now.

* to the boy who continues to be selfish to a girl i know. i really believe that you intentionally mess things up because you are scared of commitment. i think you need to figure out what you really want before you break another perfect girls heart. i like you, i think you're awesome, for the most part, but come on'  now...

- when you i feel crappy due to a bug, i tend to vent or say things i shouldn't... this blog proves that fact!

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