Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Five things I've bought in the last week
Breakfast sammiches
Heartshaped box full of chocolates
Brown Boots
Press on nails (yes, I'm serious)
Self Tanning Spray

Five things I've read in the last week
All of the Whitney Houston death coverage :(
A sweet valentines day card
My Week with Marilyn
InStyle Magazine
Text messages

Five tasks I accomplished in the last week
The first week of my 12 week training schedule
Paying them bills
Enjoying the best of wine
Getting up early enough to put on makeup
Driving to work in the worst fog and not wrecking or going off road

Five things I have eaten in the last week
3 spoonfuls of chocolate icing (my lunch today- real healthy)
Shrimp cocktail
Blueberry stuffed french toast (again with the being overly healthy)
Sh*t.. when I fell down the patio due to the black ice that had graced me with it's presence on the one step : / ouch!

Five things I still need to get done
Purchase of tickets for this weekend's show
Get my hair did
More mileage in the running department
My (presson)nails - most likely just a waste of my cvs money
Grocery Shopping

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