Monday, February 20, 2012

Freakin' Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. In fact, I'm a little fuzzy on what I even did. I went to dinner at Cheddars on Friday, then came home and read the rest of my book. Then bought another book and I'm almost finished with that. Slow down on the reading right? haha.

Saturday, went to breakfast at Ihop (shocker?) and then went to the gym later that afternoon. Saturday night, I met up with my pops & his gf Marge at the University and we watched 1964:The Tribute , which was fun. They were really good! My dad pulled a quick one on me and lead me to believe that the show started at 6, when it really started at 7:30. I told him that I could'a sworn that the website said 7:30 and he convinced me otherwise, wiseguy. He had originally asked me to meet them at 5:30, but I was there around 6:15. He told me it started at 6 so that I would be there by 7:30. Are you kidding? He knows about that indian time though. So even though I was still later than 6, I was definitely there by 7:30. The downside was that I had rushed out of the gym to get ready and hadn't eaten before. So I was starbin'.. I had to find the vending machine and get me some pretzels to hold me over. After the show, they headed back south, and I went to Fuzzy's to eat. Ummmm when did I turn 80? All the college kids in there made me feel hella old. They all were so young and wasted face. Either today's average college student comes with a babyface or they really do in fact look super young compared to me. After I left I was home and in bed by 11:45!

Sunday morning I met my brother for breakfast at Ihop (again) I'm really all about a big breakfast on the weekends. It pretty much holds me over the entire day. I got to go to the Crest market for the first time to do my grocery shopping. I pretty much love it. I had my long run of the week, which went really well. I watched the thunder and closed in the night with a bubble bath and my book!

I thought that this little soda set up inside Crest was cool!

Very relaxing weekend! What did you do? It's just another manic Monday :)

These are the books I finished up this weekend:
- had to get the real scoop on the reality stars ;)

p.s. I didn't really take a bunch of pictures over the weekend, seeing that I have a stye eye. Sick! I wore my eyeglasses all weekend and was unable to wear any eye makeup, meaning i looked like i was sleep walking! meh! I'm happy to report that the stye is gone! I feel like I got it from the gym, so remember people, wipe down those treadmills with the spray and papertowels, that is why it's there!!!! 

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