Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the internet is scary...

So lately, I've been upping the cardio trying to get ready to start training for some races coming up in a few months. The pre training runs have been good, I'm not over doing anything, I'm going at nice pace not working too  hard. Buttttt, my knee has been giving me problems (again) :(.. makes me sad. I've practiced the RICE method and I even fell asleep with frozen peas on my knee last night. - guess those peas won't be eaten. Do you like peas? I love peas! Although, they do remind me of Fran Drummond Daycare, I'm almost positive I was the only kid in that place that liked the peas. - annnnnnyway. So after much elevating, eating ibuprofen and ice packs, I decided to webmd my symptoms this morning. And Lorrrrrrd, that wasn't fun!Where I don't think it would be considered anything that would require surgery, did you realize there are a bajillion different knee injuries? Oh and all of the symptoms are almost identical. Scary crap! I don't know that I want to go to the doctor, because I'm afraid of what he/she may tell me, the last thing I want to hear right now is "you shouldn't run". I just want to get a few more races out of this old knee cap. But at the same time I don't want to be trotting along on the dang treadmill and have a blowout... I do that enough without an aching knee. So we'll see if I go get it checked out... my wishful thinking mind is telling me to hold off 'cause we'll get better, me & my knee.

oh and another thing... happy tax season woo! Got my tax return today, all I want to do with it is buy those pair of Frye Boots, but what I need to do is stay on the Jeri Kaye saving plan I set up for myself. Maybe the boyfriend will decide I deserve them for Balentines day.... ahhh there goes my wishful thinking again... but just in case EIGHT & 1/2!

Happy Hump Day Boys & Girls, we're closer to FRYEday, I mean Friday ;)

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