Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look at my balls

..cake balls that is!

My sister got me a little cake ball book for Christmas and she just gave it to me a couple of weekends ago. I don't know if you love cake balls like me, or if anyone does? I love LOVE them. However, I could use some tips on the decorating part. This book is really helpful for that. My papas birthday was yesterday! Yay!!!! He's the cutest, sweetest, BESTest old fella ever. I think it's ok to say he's old now. Young at heart though! I baked a chocolate cake on Tuesday night and decorated some mini birthday cake balls too. Maybe the best way to phrase that last sentence is attempted to decorate some mini birthday cake balls, regardless... Here's how the sweets turned out!?!

.. something tells me you are supposed to take the photo before the cake has been cut.

Honestly, they were a little disastrous.. the cute idea I was going for, just didn't happen. I didn't put enough time into decorating them like I had originally planned. I made the cake ball guts (the inside batter) on Monday night and kept them in the freezer overnight. I ended up rolling the balls/patties on my lunch break Tuesday. Tuesday night I had dinner with KC and after that I went to work out and then I was plum worn out when it came to the decorating part. I had the post running shakes as I tried to dress up and shape the cake balls to look like mini birthday cakes. epic fail. Oh well, there's always next time right? My sister, Brentli, W, papa & I met up at the chinese restaurant in Sulphur last night. Papa eats at the chinese restaurant on the daily. Something tells me he never learned to cook. My grandma took care of that man! He was talking about her last night. (he loved her so much) The funniest thing he said was, " I wasn't old enough to get my marriage license, but I was old enough to whoop up on the Germans, so I married after I got back from the service when I was 21." I love my papa. Here's to 87 more years ;)

Handsome papa Harber back in the day!

Baby B loves her papa Harber

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