Friday, February 17, 2012

Lovely little Friday

1.The love of my life is the man upstairs! His love is unconditional and unforunately I take that for granted at times, but I am beyond blessed!

2. Falling in love is an amazing experience(s) I’ve done it 3 times. That’s weird to me. Because I thought at one point I’d only love one person only. But each time it just happened, beyond my control. I was so inexperienced, learn something new everyday :) .

3. Marriage is something to consider, but not on my to-do list right now.

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was 10 years back & forth and it was an emotional roller coaster, sometimes great sometimes very hurtful, but very real and it just started out so young so it was so hard to grow up from the old ways .

5. The key to a good relationship is compromise, communication, respect, HONESTY, laughter and lots of kisses behind closed doors .

6. I feel loved when someone does a simple gesture, can be words of affirmation, acts of kindness, public display of affection at its simplest, quality time, I’ve got all those 5 love languages needs, I'm sure any guy I've dated love that I'm so needy ;)

7. My favorite quote about love is "Choose love & love your choice" or “all you need is love” touché .

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