Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Only day its ok to show PDA

(look at those smooshed little indian noseys)

I'm really not big on public display of affection... But I do think it's ok to be all affectionate on Balentine's day! I love LOVE. It's so fun to have someone you can call yours. It's crazy how at first you are so guarded with your heart (well some of us) and so we hesitate and then when we fall, we fall hard and then it's like you are dating your best friend. For me anyway. I'm so lucky, I've always said that. But who are we kidding? So is he ;) 

Last night I spent the evening celebrating the day of love a little early. My balentine surprised me with a nice dinner at The Whispering Pines Inn. Their reviews were awesome and his goal was to take me somewhere different and romantic. I know what you're thinking, romantic- Jeri Kaye whaaaa? Because that's how I think too. But their food & set up, I die! We started off with shrimp cocktail mmmmm. I had the Salmon and he had filet mignon. We shared a bottle of Chardonnay that was delicious! We are a lil rusty on our table etiquette, we didn't know which forks to use and all that stuff. But we laughed about it and so did our nice waiter. It was nice to have an intimate experience where we just talked and enjoyed each other. No worrying about cell phones just focused on us. The only time I got my cell phone out was when I had to take pictures, but then that baby was right back in my purse. It was just nice! There were only two other couples there, and by the end of the evening it was just us, the chef & our waiter. The lighting was perfect, the night was perfect! Successful balentine dinner!

Check out that rose made from a potato, so fancy :)

W's yummy food

My handsome

Went with a Purple dress :)

Complimentary Wine given to us from the owner

This morning I overslept a bit! eek! I was running late, but my boyfriend apparently got up early and was sneaky. I finally got around to starting my car and having to get the keys off the bar. And I got a surprise! I have had such an amazing love evening & day this year! Feelin' very lucky! Tonight we are going to have a date at the gym while all the other people in the world are out enjoying their wine & dinner! Hope you're feeling loved today! And if you haven't found your valentine yet, no worries, one day you'll get him/her, when you least expect it, it seems to work out that way!

And got the sweetest card with this "nicely" wrapped gift ;)

Surprise!!!! Can't wait to play with it when I get home tonight!

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