Monday, February 27, 2012

Thunder Up, Bridey & Running

All day Thursday I was so excited & ready to leave work to go to the Thunder game. On my lunch break I ran over to Metro Shoe and got me some Thunderwear, who doesn't want a new Thunder shirt? Once 5:15 hit, I asked my boss if it was ok that I leave. He agreed to let me, I mean it was  the end of the day and no one had intentions of coming into the shop. I got out of the office, went and got some gas and ran a couple of quick errands. I painted my nails Thunder blue, so tacky today, but perfect for last night. I went to eat at Chellinos, but who are we kidding, I really went for a large marg. Have I mentioned to you that I haven't drank in a while... I will drink a glass of wine with a book but nothing more than a glass as of late. After my large margarita (should've went with the small) I was a little tipsy. It took me a little bit to even finish that baby. After that I headed over to the basketball game. Got there in time for the Thunder to run out and get some peanuts, I attempted to have a beer but that didn't work out well. Lakers vs. Okc was pretty awesome. Everyone hates Kobe including Harden!

Thunder Blue nails heyyyy!

My game day dinner

Friday night, I didn't do much! Fridays are my Mondays at work, so I'm generally worn out. I considered working out at the gym but settled on a big fat no, and stayed in. I rented The Rum Diary , but what a waste of $4.99 I'll never get back, because I was out in a matter of minutes.

Saturday morning I got up about an hour later than I had hoped. I've been reading a book and I was on chapter 10 or something and I was just locked in my comfy bed with a good book so I couldn't have pryed myself from the comfortable bedding even if I had wanted. So I read another chapter and then got up and around. Made my way to the gym and ran a few miles on the treadmill. After that I met up at KC's house with Tosha & KC and we went to bricktown for a bridal fair. On the way to bricktown, which was only a 10 minute drive (at most) I got car sick. Kill me! I was even sitting in the front seat, fail! So as soon as I got out, I tossed my cookies. Bummer! Once we  got to Zio's and had lunch I felt better! So yum! We made our way over to the bridal show and got ideas for different things to do that are wedding related. We also watched a new york  style bridal runway show... I'm gonna leave it at that, although, I'm pretty sure it was more Oklahoma style. We made our way back to Moore around 5 and went to see the location of the wedding so that we could see what we were workin' with. It was a fun day! Missed a Candice Hudson though :(.

That night, I went to eat at BJ's, and that was a terrible idea. I thought going to eat at a later time, would save on wait time. WRONG! I waited for 35-40 minutes on a table. Why you ask? Because it was my 3rd place to venture to after driving to 2 other hot spots in Norman ;) that were equally as busy. They gave me a slice of pizza while I waited though, score! Once I was seated and still on my margarita kick, I ordered two throughout my meal, and once again, they hit me hard. I was more tired than tired once I was home and I was out in a matter of minutes. I don't know if it was from my busy day of playing bridesmaid or from a full belly and a buzzed mindset. Either way I was out for the night!

Sunday morning came around and I forced myself to sleep in! I stayed in bed until 11 a.m. Crazy! Never do that. I would wake up, read a little, sip on my water bottle and then drift back to sleep. Finally got up and had a wholesome breakfast with a tasty coffee and more water. I drank a lot of water to try and prepare myself for the 5.5 mile run later that evening. Later on, I got myself motivated enough to go get my run on. While running I watched some of the Oscar's, I don't know much of what was said because I had my running play list blaring in my eardrums. But for the most part I got this: J. Lo did have a nip slip, because I'm pretty sure I was running and thinking "is that her nipple? no it's not, wait yeah it is" .. and now with all the press today, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who thought that way!

I just love Cameron's figure, she is so fit, look at those arms! I'd take her body any day!

And this... hmmm, what to say. I'm thinking eat!!!! - I'll quit there!

The run was definitely disappointing. I finished, I didn't quit, but it was not a good run. My calf muscles cramped for the first two miles. Very painful. I slowed down the pace but it didn't get better until about mile 4. I stuck it out and then stretched for 20 minutes after the run. I took smoke, my car, to get a shower. You know because it's going to rain tonight and it seemed like a perfect idea?!?

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