Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week Tres

Well, here I am, stumbling into week 3 of my training schedule. I'm impressing myself on the long run days, which is great, I'm actually pushing myself to run a little over the amount I'm supposed to run which is cool too. I'm finally back to my old self, the girl who need to run 5-6 days a week because it's a "feel good " thing. I don't dread going to the gym or running, now I may put it off for an hour or four but I know that it is on my to-do list and it must be done. It's back to being my therapy.  Slowly, I'm getting more and more consumed with running and it's ok with me.  BUT (yes there's a but) on the regular days where I'm just running 3- 3.5 miles for 3 days straight I'm ready for change. By Thursday, I'm ready for Friday and the change up. I'm also ready for Mondays and what the training says to do...

Mondays are my stretch & strengthen day! I have a love/hate relationship with my Mondays. The gym is too packed! It sometimes makes me bitter (like yesterday evening). I don't like when girls are literally just standing on the treadmill and socializing. And if you can read a magazine while you are on the treadmill or stationery bike, let's be honest, you aren't working hard enough! On Monday evenings there is nowhere to park, every treadmill is taken, the free weights are all being used and it's a mad house. But Mondays are also my stretch &strengthen day, which is where the love part plays in. It's like a freestyle of what you decide to do. The rule is just don't over do it! I  usually do arms, Zumba and lots of stretching. Let me just say that the following picture describes me in Zumba to the T:

But after we get our zumba on, then comes the stretching. I love stretching. I used to HATE doing it. Now, with age, I realize the importance in it. Yesterday a song came on while I was stretching that I'd never heard. Well, I've heard it, just not this version. It was so relaxing and such a pretty cover. What do you think?

Obviously, I'd still let Caleb serenade me with the legit version if he twisted my arm a little bit ;)

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