Monday, February 6, 2012


Friday after work, the boyfriend and I loaded up in the G6 and headed to my bosses casa. Jeffrey & Kelly rode with us to go watch the Barons game. This was my first hockey game in a long time. Maybe 5 years. Did  you know there are Barons girls? (Kelly & I will probably try out and make it next year.. I just need to touch up my ice skating skills) I had my usual beer & peanuts, gameday dinner. I didn't google the facts on hockey games so after the 3rd period I was confused as to why everyone was getting up. Little did my dumbass know, the game was over. Since it rained on Friday, I had taken in my leopard print umbrella in case it was raining when we got out, well, I left it in the Cox center :( .

.. boys taking another picture for their man caves

Saturday, I got up early & made a starbucks run. I then went into Rue 21 just to pass time while waiting on W to meet me at Academy. We both got peacoats for only $9. What a steal! Mine is navy blue & his is a heather grey color. We made our way over to Academy to stock up on workout gear. After academy we went and got some breakfast, mmmm. There was some house cleaning and lounging done for a few hours. We headed to the gym that afternoon! Weekends are the best time to go to the gym, no one ever wants to go to the gym on the weekend! (including us, but we make ourselves) After we gym'd it up, we went to Petco and debated on getting a ginny pig... I'm still undecided if I want a hairy ratster (rat+hamster). A bunny rabbit is what we I really want, but no one seems to sell them around here. We ended up getting Buddy some dog treats. That night W went to a birthday party, that I had NO desire to attend. I know what you're thinking.. "that sounds rude." But my mom always told me the truth hurts sometimes. Some people who don't have the best interest for me or the people I love, are the types of people I prefer to avoid. So instead, I went to a couple of bookstores and then settled in with a glass of wine and caught up on my Kardashian secrets.

Sunday morning started out rough. I finally got up and went and had breakfast. The bad/unhealthy kind. Sometimes it's good to let yourself do that. I had blueberry stuffed french toast and a caramel latte from ihop. It was delicious! After that I went and got a couple of gifts. One of them was for a bride to be and one of them was for a mommy to be. About an hour before superbowl kickoff I went to the gym. I didn't really watch the superbowl, I watched the replays though. I also watched Madonna do her thing. I've always like Madonna, she did good, but I'm not the biggest fan of her newest song. Mostly I drank wine, talked to Amanda and ate queso. After the superbowl we watched The Voice. I really liked it. It was my first time to watch it, my brother likes it a lot. (I'm sure secretly he wishes he was on it... and no not a judge, you know he thinks his karaoke skills would land him on a good team!!!)

And now here we are, at the beginning of our work week and at it again. Hope Monday takes it easy on ya and doesn't get too overwhelming! Have a great week friends!

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