Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Be Smart

Monday Sunday night, I was supposed to run my long run of 8 miles. Well after the garage sale and 2 hour animal tour in the hot sunshine I took a nap and didn't wake up to run the high mileage of the week. Monday came around and I was really excited to run a trail that I like running occasionally to put in the 8 miles. After my calf muscles cramping up after 2 miles I gave in and called it a night after I did a 30 minute ab workout. Yesterday I stayed positive about running all day long. I drank lots of water and downed ibuprofen around 5:45 to avoid cramping up. Not sure that even works but at the time it seemed like a great idea. And as far as I know it helped. I have this route that I run from the gym back to the house that can be shortened or lengthened but the smallest route is 4 miles. I turned it into 8 last night. I googled what time it would began to get dark because on one of the two lane roads there are no street lights. I figured since that part was at the beginning of my run that I would be fine. I've always said that the day I'll die I'll probably be running. I've always thought it would be because I got bit by a poisonous snake though, you have no idea how many dead snakes I see on my runs. Backroads are full of roadkill and it's really freakin' gross. Well not only did I feel like death last night but I saw my life flash before my eyes. Eek! I was wearing black (not smart) and I was running on the road, yes against traffic, and I think maybe just maybe an owner of a truck was not paying attention to the road. That guy/girl almost ran me over. So scary! When you are looking at truck and realizing that it doesn't see you and it's swerving because it's scared it's going to hit you, that's when shit gets real.  Anyway, I think I'll steer clear of wearing dark colors on my evening runs and try to learn to appreciate that sidewalks were made for a reason.

I'm really not too excited about my run this weekend. Mainly because I'd prefer it to be 10k instead of a 15k but after my race I'll be ready to get the rest of my day on. I have exciting plans for Saturday and I can hardly wait. Hopefully the excitement for the rest of the day plus the persuasion of a 5 hour energy will get my tail into gear and I'll be able to place. Last race I got 2nd and I felt like crap maybe this run if I feel awesome I can get 1st in my age group, thank Jesus that most people my age would rather party on the weekends instead of run, or I'd never place. ;)

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