Monday, March 5, 2012

Got some questions for ya...

My friend Candice who I've written about in the past and I usually call lil C or C in my posts, came up with an idea where she sends me 5 questions and I do the same for her and we answer them on our blog! We are nerds and like doing really awesome stuff like this... We are going to try and do it once a week, until we run out of questions I suppose ;)

If you could be on any game show or reality show what would it be and why?
Well obviously I’m better than anyone who has ever been on wheel of fortune, I guess the word or phrase before any of those fools. Butttt I’d rather be on family feud. I’m really all about my family and I think it would be a fun experience for us. I’ve emailed the show but for some reason they haven’t gotten back to me… That’s not the only show I’ve ever wanted to be on.. I once made my sister videotape me for a chance to be on the real world… I was pretty broke back then, I remember gathering my pocket change together to express mail it to California, wonder if it ever got there. I was too dumb to track it.

 Tell me about your favorite year of life, so far.
This one is tough. I’ve truly had a good life. Don’t get me wrong there has been really tough things/situations that have happened but all in all. I’ve had some really good things happen. But what blows everything out of the water were the 16 years I got to spend with my mom. So really I guess I can’t say just one year, those were by far the best years of my life.  Life was really simple. I like to think I keep my life simple now, I'm pretty routine in my day to day, but back then it was a lot of backroad, windows down, listening to klake and bonding with my mom and sister. There were no cell phones (well for us kids at least) so we just really spent a lot of quality time. She was just an amazing person; I haven’t met anyone like her. I really would give up the last 10 years of my life just to have one more day to hang out with her.

 What characteristic do you like most about yourself?
I really like that I don’t take life too seriously. I try to find the fun in everything, the good in everything. I try to avoid thinking negatively and I like that because it allows me to find humor in every situation.

 Team Aniston or Jolie? Never been a fan of a home wrecker heyyyyy. So team Aniston!

 If you had one super power what would it be and why? I think being invisible would be cool. So when you are wearing crap clothes to target in hopes not to run into someone you see on the daily, you could just zap, go invisible then you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of looking like poo

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