Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gotta take the good with the bad

I can't even attempt to express my weekend in words. What an emotional roller coaster it was. I'm gonna stick with listing the best parts of my weekend.

- Thunder game and sitting with Katy at the game and getting a close view of the thunder boys

- being able to talk to my brother and sister and them accepting me for everything I am because they are two of my best friends

- spending time with another best friend and her sweet boy Carter on St. Patricks day

- driving and thinking a LOT on the way to see my papa, sometimes I think driving by yourself helps clear your head and allows you to put things into perspective

- visiting my papa, he's such a sweet man

- getting a thunder track jacket on sale for $10.48 when it was really $30, due to the sign not being changed. I almost felt bad but the manager on duty admitted it was her fault and I'd better take her up on the offer.

Ps, I did have one green beer with my lunch to be festive for st Patrick's day but I steered clear of any bar craziness and long lines for crappy green beer. I can say that hanging out with Misty was way better than all that mess.

Green beer & fingernails, it is my favorite color so I liked the excessive green everywhere Saturday!

I really love this man!

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