Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary (i think?)

W & I  are really  terrible about keeping up with things, no but really. We lose keys, shades, important paperwork, etc. ALL OF THE TIME, well maybe I shouldn't say lose, but we definitely don't keep up with it.

Maybe this will help... a little background of W & I and how things just happened one day.

Will & I have known eachother since the 5th grade. Depending on who you ask, one of us always liked the other. But lets be honest, that boy asked me on so many dates it was ridiculous. He didn't care if I had a boyfriend or not, he just opted to bud in and offer his company to me whenever I was ready. I never took him up on his offer. I didn't really like him like that (at first). We got older, but always kept in good touch, we were friends, we hung out with the same people and always let eachother know if we'd be out and about. I never felt like we'd ever date, not because I didn't think he was a nice looking guy with a fun personality, but you know, I just always viewed him as a good guy friend. He had other plans. He was always very persistent. His persistent attitude and actions became pretty flattering, especially after recovering from the two relationships I had prior to getting with W. One in which one guy was persistent with his alcohol intake and the other with his persistence in seeing how many girls he could screw at the same time. Real winners I tell ya, I knew how to pick 'em back in the day. I'm sure they have dusted themselves off and are better people in their relationships now, I've found I'm good at being the test dummy when it came to my relationships before Wills. But I mean who am I, Chelsea Handler? No need to make jokes about the disastrous past relationships that have turned into funny stories. (I'm saving that information for the chapters in the book I'm writing)

But thank goodness, third times a charm.

One night I was sitting at a local bar that I always ran into W at with one of my best friends. With the influence of a lemon drop shot and KC best friend logic I decided to let him give me his spill of why we should hang out and possibly date. I'd decided to give him a chance.

Then a few weeks later another "big girl decision" had happened, I just decided fine I'll hang out with him, where it's just me & him. Seems like after that he was very determined to spend more time with me. I was still being the guarded, free spirited girl that I am, so I wasn't on the same date/hang out plan that he was. That being said, he didn't get a  legitimate real date like we watch in the movies with just  me for a very long time. In fact our first date was a double date with KC and a guy she had been seeing at the time and we went to the Mont and being the independent bratty person I am, I made sure I paid. The plan was to go to Hosty after that, the deli was packed so we settled for drinks at the bar we always hung out at. To be honest, I can't even remember our first one on one date with eachother. Weird. Weeks passed, and I finally just gave in and said "I'll try this whole relationship thing out again"... So we think we started being official in March sometime... I know it was right around Spring Break, but that's about all I really remember.

There are people who think it started long before that but it didn't, timing seems to be a factor in any relationship I've ever been in. So years of friendship led to what we now have.

Three years later, here we are.

Due to our faulty memories and boyfriend/girlfriend imperfections, we don't have a freakin' clue of our anniversary. My reasoning being that I didn't know there was going to be a "3 years later" date to remember and his reasoning being the lack of not having a relationship besides the one relationship that started in high school, which we all know those come with a lot of immaturity and inexperience. Some are very realistic i'm sure... (not at all, sorry for being so honest) Anyway, he didn't have a clue of the boyfriend duties of remembering important dates.

So we have become the couple who replies with the "we really don't have a clue of the date but we have an idea" when we get asked the how long have you guys been together question. To be honest, I didn't even know it was 3 years until about a month ago when my sister did the math. That's what you get when your sister is a mathlete. We were easily convinced she was right after hearing her logic.

Here we are still dating and after 3 years I can honestly say I'm a happy girl. We've had our ups & downs, but what couple doesn't? We just work. And with the guys before, there was always something there just pulling our relationships in the opposite directions. Right now W & I are in a good place. We have a lot of exciting things happening after the speed bumps we have hit along the way. If we wouldn't have those speed bumps we probably wouldn't be in this good place. Who knows what else is lined up for us, I've never been a planning type of person so I'm not sure what is in our future, but I'm just glad we are still having fun and not taking life too  seriously!

10 Things I like about you:
- you do your best jagger upon my request
- you have garbage stomach making you believe that any and every dish i cook is actually good
- your biceps ;)
- you are so smart
- you let me pick the music on roadtrips
- you accept me for who i am, faults and all
- your denial of looking like the situation
- you are a cheap date
- you tell me i'm pretty when i wake up
-  well, i guess i only like 9 things about you... ;)

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