Monday, March 12, 2012

My allergy filled weekend..

Had such a good weekend! Hope you guys did too!

Friday night, I took W out for dinner at Johnny Carinos. Who am I kidding..? I made him go with me! I enjoyed a peach bellini and some pasta. It was so good. After that we went to oklahoma city and hotel bar'd it until Bobby, Alana, Trav & Joanna met up with us. I've missed Joanna, haven't seen her in a while! She's a strong girl who has been thru too much lately but handling it well. We all took the shuttle to Tapwerks where I had a few dirty hoes, yes it's beer and it is tasty. There was a good live band and we all had a lot of fun playing foosball and just hanging out in bricktown. We rode the shuttle back to the hotel and Joanna went home and we all got some zzzz's.

Fast forward to 4.5 hours later... >>>

Clearly this was pre-race

some three wheeler car we saw at Hefner

pretty sure it's illegal to post this, but me dying and not caring if it's illegal.

Saturday morning came and I had my black tights and running shoes on. It was 5k time. I did alright considering I stayed out too late and had beer the night before. We don't ever go out anymore, we'd rather save that money and workout more lately, so I'm really surprised we went out before I had a race the next day. But since we did, I got to run with a little dehydration. That was fun.... (not so much) Anyway I finished, miles under 9:00 which was my one and only goal this race because let's be honest, i just wasn't feelin' it. I placed in my age group which is always cool. I was out from running all last week. I've been dealing with some really awesome allergy issues. Add in a 5k race on Saturday morning, and guess what happens? More allergy problems. But I just od'd on allergy meds all weekend I'm pretty sure. We went and looked at bicycles for W and I rewarded myself with coffee and a cupcake for getting up and running. We found W THE BICYCLE, very excited he's getting into the sport. We went to Brandon and Karis Alford's wedding Saturday afternoon. It was a simple and pretty wedding. I got to spend time playing ketchup with Brittani, gosh I hadn't seen her in 9 years, it was so nice hanging out with her. Britt had a locker beside me from the 4th grade until our senior year in high school and she was my wallflower partner at middle school dances! Her kids are seriously adorable. After the wine  wedding, I went home and ate the rest of my cupcake and we just had a fun night hanging out.


Best macchiatos

the pretty bride
the happy couple

Love her!

Sunday morning, I woke up early and got dressed it was time to go find KC a wedding dress! I had every intention of being on time, but I'm cursed with that damn indian timing. I was late... shocker. I rolled up there 25 min late. We got lost (thanks to gps) twice and then finally ate at McAlisters before we got the shopping started. KC found THE DRESS and she looked so beautiful. We all found our dresses but we definitely missed our lil C. Come home Candice. :) W & I went to eat some dinner at Genghis Grill, I was hoping it would clear the sinuses. We came home and rented Young Adult after I took more medicine. My equilibrium was all messed up due to my allergies :( . Young adult, wasn't my favorite, although it did make me think I had the ability to write young adult books because the crap she wrote about was redic.

this is the only hint i'm giving you guys of KC's dress ;)

Speaking of equilibrium issues, we just had to put my sweet grandpa in the VA hospital last Friday. It is a sad deal. He has positional vertigo . It's really sad. I've talked to him a few times and he is in good spirits, but wouldn't hurt to send up a prayer for him. Since I had a race, a wedding and an appointment I wasn't able to see him this weekend, but my niece did and I thought I would share this sweet picture with you guys.

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