Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday rant

This week is taking to come and go. I'm really excited about my mini getaway that I planned for this weekend, actually it's just one day, but to be honest, i just need to get outta here. Some pretty ridiculous you wouldn't believe scenarios have happened within the last couple of weeks and I'm over it. People need to think before they speak insert foot into mouth. Certain people need to think about what they say after  they say it, and if they regret saying what they said they should just say that instead of leaving one in confusion. (say that 5 times fast, bet you can't) Like I said, over it. I've given my "speak now or forever hold your peace" chances and now I'm just gonna chalk it up as people are crazy. CRAZY.

Next and most importantly... my current hairdo will be taking a hike too. I'm over it as well.To start my weekend off right, I will be driving myself to the salon tomorrow after I get off of work.

Two things will happen here:
1) Bangs
2) Dark Chocolate lovely lady locks

Am I the only one who really goes into the hair salon and brings pictures of the celebrity I want to look like?

This time I'm going with the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel....

Maybe not as thick of bangs but we are going to add some layerage and some small bangs for sure. 

Who knows maybe I'll feel like a whole new girl with my new do! Out with the old in with the new! I believe I'm going to aim to reference that saying to more than just my hairstyle.

I really would like to try and change my wardrobe to strictly all boho style clothing. Oh if only I were Zooey Deschanel a celebrity who had the dollars to hire a person to purchase all the clothing I wanted and take all the crap I don't wear and donate it to people who actually wanted to wear my leftovers.

If any of you are interested in donating buying me any of these type of clothing items, feel free.

Or there is always the option to volunteer me on What not to Wear . Then I'd just get a spending limit and get my shop on.

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