Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Goodness

The weekend was way too good to me. I miss it already.. maybe I just miss my family. I love my family. But you guys knew that.

Friday night I got invited to do dinner at Red Lobster but since I didn't get off of work until 7 pm... yes that's the truth, it never happens, I declined the offer. (I'm never disappointed about business, so being busy until 7 was ok) I went straight from work to the gym, can we say dedication?!?! I think so... I ran instead of going to eat... Who does that? this girl.. Who regretted that decision after the fact? this girl...
Got home and watched Friends with Benefits. It was ok. My sister said I reminded her of Mila Kuniz in that movie... I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I mean she was a free spirit but then again the movie stated she was f'd up in the head.... I'll remember that Chandra....

Despite my sister's judgement on the above statement, I got up bright and early Saturday morning because I was anxious to go see baby B. W & I went to breakfast with his mom and sister and gossiped a little. After breakfast we ran Bobby some breakfast and then went & ran a few errands. I stopped and got B a(nother) swimming suit. And I also got her a swim cap! Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture of that. Brentli was just a happy lil toot all weekend. We read some books, we played bejeweled on my Kindle (which my sister tried to steal the entire time we were there) and she enjoyed her swing too. I just love spending time with that little girl. W & I went on a run Saturday evening, where we ended up almost getting eaten by a pack of dogs. (no but for real) I'm never really scared of dogs but these mutts were vicious. After our run we went back to hang out with my sister, brother in law, Betty and Brentli. Betty made some bomb catfish along with a baked potato, squash and green beans. It was awesome, I love southern food. We all watched Madea goes to jail and I tried to stay awake for SNL to see Lindsay Lohan, but after a couple of acts, I was out like a light.

She was thinking about working out with W & I so she had her underarmour on too.

duuuude, i love this swing!

My aunt's always kissin' me

Happy baby girl

W texting and not letting me hold my niece.

New swimwear

He's so funny!!!

Reading books about numbers and letters!

Sunday we woke up around 8ish and had homemade pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, I'm telling ya I eat good when I go back home. And it's ok because, well it just is.  Chandra & Buzz went to church and we watched B for a couple of hours. She really likes W these days. And he's really taken a likin' to her too.  I got to change an extremely yucky diaper during this time, while W played opossum. Jokes on him, I know he couldn't sleep through that stinky diaper. Guys, I gagged my head off. After that, I reconsidered my need for children. (kidding, kind of ) We hugged and kissed Brentli goodbye and we were back in Norman that afternoon. We rode the motorcycle around Norman for a little bit then went and ate at the Big Tuna. It wasn't my favorite, probably won't go there again to be honest. I'm spoiled with the folks from lake texoma and how we cook our catfish down there. I've yet to find a place around norman with catfish like they make back home at the platter or bg's. I did win Brentli a toy from their claw machine though.

Today, I'm back at it here at the shop. I went on a lunch date with Paris & Kinzi. Kinzi and I shared a salad ;). She's a cute little messpot. Paris was taking her to play with the ducks after we ate, I wanted to go so bad too. Maybe next time!

Chompin' on veggies!

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